About BTC Wealth

A small ELITE TEAM that always gets the JOB done right

Bitcoin Donation

Anonymity about transactions stands with us in the foreground. We created that income model for you - a NON-Profit - decentralized donation platform to achieve your financial goals maybe a little bit faster. We know how we do it right because we can and we will to the best of our ability ... start donating

Donation Re-Entry

Our donation platform ensures no one is left behind by leveraging on the power of re-entry. For each phase you cycle out on our platform we take from your accruals and create re-entry accounts for you that donates to upcoming donors so they don't get left behind ... start donating

P2P Bitcoin Exchange

As part of our plan for the very near future we will set up a peer to peer bitcoin/fiat currency exchange between our members so you do not have to go far to exchange your bitcoin for your chosen fiat currency and vice versa (there will be an escrow service for security purpose) ... start donating